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Work With Me Checklist

This checklist will provide you with an overview of the things you need to have in place to become a more inclusive workplace for disabled people

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We would recommend you work through this list and identify which areas you may need support on.
You can continue using this checklist as you work through the action areas to demonstrate progress towards becoming a more inclusive employer.
Other resources are available to support you to take action against these areas.
It is important to have someone senior in place to be responsible for disability inclusion to act and update senior team. We would also recommend this person having an existing passion for this area to ensure they can drive it forwards.
It is important to consider the policies and procedures you have in place and to score them on disability inclusion out of 10 and to identify the biggest areas of improvement.
We believe what gets measured, get’s done. The following questions are focused on the policies, procedures and monitoring of data.
Raising understanding, inclusion and awareness can come from encouraging disabled employees to share their personal stories, the following questions will look at this area.
Please contact Scope if you would like additional support to take action against any of these areas.