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Hoxby: Refreshing work

Being invited to present the first in a series of webinars at the height of a global pandemic  could be daunting. But it was also an exciting opportunity to meet other members of the  #WorkWithMe network and share our experiences of remote working and restructuring  work for disability inclusion. It is an area we’re profoundly passionate about, and which  aligns with our vision to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work  without bias.

We joined #WorkWithMe because we want to share our learnings and our journey with  other businesses, while also gaining fresh insight. The range of businesses who joined the  webinar, and those we’ve had the opportunity to connect with, demonstrates the  strength of both #WorkWithMe and Valuable 500 – so we’re grateful to Scope and Virgin Media for enabling this set-up.

Hoxby​ was founded in 2015 on the belief that everyone should have the freedom to  choose when and where they work, their own workstyle, and be judged on their output  rather than on any other factors that create bias at work. We set out to inspire others that  this could be achieved through doing it ourselves, and have spent the last five years  successfully proving it. We now deliver projects for some of the biggest clients in the  world, including Unilever, Amazon, AIA, Merck and Warner Media. We bring together  great brains and diverse thinking to deliver incredible outputs for our visionary clients.

We have never had an office or any set working hours, and always had a supportive and  understanding culture for people to ‘respect the workstyle’, however frequently that may  change for the individual. We reject the 200-year-old working structure of nine-to-five,  and consider the silver lining of the global Coronavirus pandemic as a chance to  permanently move away from this outdated structure, including its negative elements  such as presenteeism. We’ve always worked remotely – something that a lot of businesses  and individuals have had to adjust to very quickly (and in far less than ideal  circumstances) in the last few months – and we truly believe that, with the right culture,  it’s an empowering, inclusive and hugely enjoyable way to work.

Rather than adapting the workplace to suit individuals’ needs (we view flexible working as  merely tweaks to the nine-to-five system), we must ​fundamentally change the system  of how work is delivered​, with the focus on output, not when or where it’s delivered. By  judging each other on the quality of our work rather than the hours we work, we create a  genuine meritocracy which, combined with other factors we’re continually testing within  Hoxby, help remove bias from our working world.

We’ve proven that remote work works. And that it has enormous potential especially for  those who are excluded from traditional workplaces – hugely talented individuals who live  with disabilities, illness or caring responsibilities.

The Hoxby Foundation​ is our not-for-profit arm, founded on the exact same belief that  everyone should have the freedom to choose when and where they work. We’re joining  forces with charities, social enterprises and companies to deliver pioneering projects that  allow more people to do fulfilling work while setting their own workstyle. We will not stop  until everyone works this way.

But we can’t do all this alone and there’s still more we can do to positively impact others.  We want to learn from those who are already out there making real changes in the world  of work, and collaborate with visionary partners to test our ways of working in larger, more  traditional organisations. We’re looking for forward-thinking industry and charity partners  who are ready to leave the industrial age of work behind and embrace the digital age so  more people can access fulfilling work through workstyle.

If you believe the power of workstyle can change lives and want to partner with us  through the Foundation, please get in touch at​. Or if you  need some refreshing work delivered by a hand-picked team from our 1,000 strategists,  creatives, tech-heads, writing people, numbers people, people people, thinkers, do-ers  and disruptors, contact us.

We can’t wait to hear from you.