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We want to keep you updated on the latest news on disability employment and #WorkWithMe.

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22 May 2019
#WorkWithMe pledge
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24 April 2019 News
What companies gain by including persons with disabilities
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14 April 2019 Latest updates
Disability Initiative Highlights Work Of Recruitment In Building Diverse Workplace
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20 March 2019 News
Why Mindset Matters: Using Emotional Intelligence And Leadership To Rebrand Disability (Part Two)
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05 March 2019 News
Amber Rudd's speech on welfare benefit reforms, what does it mean?
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02 January 2019 Latest updates
Why employers should make gathering disability data a priority
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18 December 2018
Richard Branson, Paul Polman and other global leaders unite for disability inclusion
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30 November 2018 Latest updates
What does the Government’s plan to tackle disability employment mean for disabled people?
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22 November 2018 Latest updates
Broadcasters commit to doubling the number of disabled staff by 2020. Why aren’t other industries doing the same?
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30 August 2018 Coverage
HR Grapevine: #WorkWithMe. Virgin Media’s ambition to support one million disabled people into work
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