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Become a #WorkWithMe member today

#WorkWithMe is a network of businesses committed to disability inclusion.

Joining the community is easy and free, it doesn’t matter how disability inclusive you are right now.

Simply tell us a bit about yourself, your organisation and what you are already doing and plan to do, by completing the form below.

What’s next? We’ll be in touch to welcome you to the #WorkWithMe community and tell you more about how you get involved to learn from and share with other businesses.

If you have any questions or want some support on completing the form, please get in touch.

1. Have executive accountability for disability

  • Nominate a senior leader to be accountable, monitor your progress on disability and can table a discussion during at least one executive leadership meeting per year

The #WorkWithMe community invites you to make disability your business - a new movement powered by Virgin Media, Scope and Valuable. The Valuable 500 is a call to action to join 500 leading businesses that are putting disability at the highest level of their agenda. Find out more about The Valuable 500.

Action areas

  • Having leadership buy-in is vital. What could you do to demonstrate that your executive team or senior leaders are committed to disability equality?
  • Could you commit to holding one meeting a year where disability inclusion is a topic?
  • Could you make someone senior responsible for inclusion in the workplace for disabled people?

2. Look under the bonnet

  • Understand how you measure up on disability by asking key questions on disability inclusion in your workplace
  • Have policies in place that are inclusive of disabled employees
  • Have a specific disability action plan in place

Action areas

  • As well as leadership it’s important that the basics are in place by looking at your policies and practices.
  • How do you measure up on disability inclusion in the workplace? what score would you give yourself out of ten? What are your biggest areas for development?
  • How can you ensure your policies and practices are inclusive? Our Work With Me guide can help.

3. Promote a positive culture around disability

  • Commit to build disability confident line managers
  • Communicate regularly with employees on inclusion in the workplace
  • Engage with disabled colleagues, encouraging them to share their stories and discuss the barriers and challenges they face

Action areas

  • How confident are you and the managers in your organisation on disability?
  • Are disabled colleagues specifically engaged with?
  • Could you communicate regularly about disability and inclusion happening in your organisation?
  • Could you provide training for line managers on disability confidence?
  • Could you ask your employees to share experiences of disability and barriers they face?

4. Measure data on your disabled employees

  • Record, monitor and measure data at key touchpoints including recruitment, satisfaction analysis and progression in the organisation
  • Produce engagement surveys that enable you to understand more about the experience of disabled employees
  • Develop a culture where employees feel comfortable talking about an impairment or condition

Action areas

  • What gets measured gets done. Transforming a business doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s important to track progress to build confidence and trust.
  • Could you undertake work to capture data about disabled employees in your organisation?
  • Could you gather feedback from disabled employees?

5. Collaborate and celebrate

  • Celebrate disability inclusion in the workplace
  • Commit to share good practice and learning with other businesses

Action areas

  • Could you commit to speaking to or working with another employer on disability equality?
  • Could you film someone in your organisation talking about the work you do on disability equality?
  • Could you hold an event for Disability History Month (December)?
  • Could you signpost to information and support? See Scope’s website for more information on the types of support we provide.