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About #WorkWithMe

What is #WorkWithMe?

Did you know that 1 million disabled people in the UK want to work but aren’t given the opportunity?

That’s where we come in. #WorkWithMe is a growing community of businesses committed to thinking and acting differently about disability. The community is set up to allow members to share information, advice and insights in a safe, open and honest environment.

#WorkWithMe is a joint initiative from Scope and Virgin Media. Scope offers expert advice and shares what matters to disabled people. Virgin Media is leading the way in their commitment to inclusivity, sharing challenges and offering support and solutions from their journey so far and at the same time, learning alongside the #WorkWithMe community.

1 million disabled people in the UK want to work but are not given the opportunity.

Disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed compared to non-disabled people.

Disabled people apply for 60 per cent more jobs on average than non-disabled people in their job search.

More than half of disabled people have applied for jobs they know they are overqualified for.

What makes #WorkWithMe unique?

We are a business-to-business community. We know transforming a business’ culture, policies and practices can be tricky. All our members are committed to becoming more inclusive for disabled people but are not always clear on how to achieve this ambition and where to start. #WorkWithMe provides a unique opportunity to openly and honestly discuss your successes and challenges with other businesses pursuing the same outcomes.

Here’s what you get:

  • Opportunities to learn from other businesses and share your experiences through private chat forums, openly on our website and at special business-to-business events, including roundtable discussions, online seminars and workshops
  • Access to resources, news and information

There are no membership fees or any requirements to achieve a set pace in your journey because we recognise that these can hold you back. We’re all working towards the same goal, so keeping it simple makes sense.

Together we can drive social change

We want you to join us. As a community we can raise awareness and understanding. Here’s a little insight from members who’ve already signed up to #WorkWithMe:

“If you really want consumers to warm to your brand and associate with your brand, you just need to be representative of them”

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Media

“We must ensure we are challenging bias… We know that inclusive organisations are more successful, productive and impactful. It is also morally the right approach to take and intrinsic to our corporate values of collaboration, community and trust.”

Emma Bradman, Head of Talent, Prospectus

“We strongly believe in building inclusive and richly diverse teams that attract the UK’s most sought after talent. We believe organisations can and should do more to share best practices about how to integrate talent regardless of physical, mental or learning abilities. We want to be a part of and to also inspire new and more inclusive ways of working. Although we are constantly looking for ways to improve our own programmes, we also hope that some of what we have already implemented can help set an example for others.”

Jonathan Coles, Head of HR, Philips UKI

Join the #WorkWithMe community

Become a member of #WorkWithMe today and make a commitment to becoming a more inclusive business for disabled people. It’s simple…

Already signed up? Brilliant! Why not take a look at our resources page.


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As soon as you join the community, the #WorkWithMe team will be in touch to say hello. We’ll also send you social media resources, press release templates and news about upcoming networking events and workshops.