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Get inclusive!

All the latest #WorkWithMe and disability employment news

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Join the growing community of businesses committed to disability inclusion

Why #WorkWithMe?

There are 14 million disabled people in the UK. And more than 7 million are of working age. But, less than half are in work.
Disabled people face countless barriers getting into, staying in and thriving at work. Issues can include inflexible working practices, lack of inclusivity and negative attitudes from employers.

#WorkWithMe is a network of businesses that support each other in becoming more inclusive for disabled people. Join us today and you’ll become part of a business-to-business community, with online opportunities to share experiences and good practice and opportunities to meet with like-minded businesses through workshops and events.

#WorkWithMe is a growing community committed to changing employment practices, customer relations and brand value.

Why not join the community today? Being more inclusive is the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. Inclusive businesses are successful businesses.

Make disability your business

The #WorkWithMe community invites you to make disability your business – a new movement powered by Virgin Media, Scope and Valuable. The Valuable 500 is a call to action to join 500 leading businesses that are putting disability at the highest level of their agenda. Find out more about The Valuable 500.

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