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When we all work together we get better results faster. That’s because there’s power in teamwork. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and here are things we can all do today to start changing the workplace for disabled people for the better. Let’s get to work!


End the awkward

We all worry about getting it wrong sometimes and can come across awkward situations at work. Hello office parties and team-building exercises! The trick is to stay calm and confident, here are our top three tips on how to be cool under pressure.

Questions, questions, questions

Disabled people sometimes get bombarded with questions about their condition. Get to know them for who they are instead. You wouldn’t dive straight into personal questions with anyone else at work, right?

“What do I call you?”

Every disabled person talks about disability in a different way. Get to know them and you’ll find out their preference. Talking about disability can be tricky. Here are some tips from Scope on how to talk about disability.

Don’t overcompensate

Everyone appreciates a friendly welcome in the office but there’s no need to be overly-nice. Don’t make a fuss and just treat disabled people as you would anyone else.

We’ve got lots more advice like this so join the campaign to keep finding out more ways you can make change happen.

Illustration of a woman in a mobility scooter talking to a man in a suit

Share your experience

The real experts about disability are disabled people so we want to hear from as many people as possible about their experiences job-hunting and at work, so we can keep sharing them.

If you have a story to tell then you can get in touch with us, or use #WorkWithMe on social media to help us spread the word.



Six illustrations of disabled people to encourage users to share their own experiences

Download our resources


Work With Me wants to tackle the barriers disabled people face getting into and staying in work. To do this we’re going to be publishing resources for employers on getting started with disability employment.

Sign up here to be the first to hear when we publish any resources along with regular tips and ideas.

Also, check our Stories and news page where disabled people share their experiences of employment and getting into work, plus regular updates about the campaign.

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